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ODBC Access 2003 to SQL 2000

By gwIT ·
I am presently using a ODBC link to link my Access database to an SQL server 2000. The database seems to be fine in most respects except on occassion a Write Conflict error comes up saying someone is in the tables and the record cannot be updated. You are then given the opportunity to Drop Changes or Copy to Clipboard.
I know that no one is the same doesnt do this all the time...even records that are filtered from the SQL server witin the same client are not all accessible for update. The first record updates the next one updates and the third one doesnt. No ryhme or reason that I can see!
I found some articles on the web describing the same characteristics, but it said that there were dates not carrying the right datatype. I have checked these and see nothing wrong with them either...I guess I am confused as to why it works sometime and not all the time if it is a coding problem...
Could it be a problem with the ODBC link?

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