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ODBC connection to Crystal Reports

By bytj ·
I have a problem using Crystal Reports 9/10 to connect to Oracle 9i database using ODBC. The connection seems fine, but I can not find any tables/views under that connection. If I use the native Oracle driver to connect, all tables/views are available. Because I got to integrate the Crystal Reports into another application, I must use ODBC connection. any idea of what may cause the problem? By the way, I have the "tables" and "views" correctly checked in the "Options" choice of the connection. So, don't assume that I filter tables/views out.


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by Dr Dij In reply to ODBC connection to Crysta ...

Did you poke around in the ODBC configuration?

We use ODBC and they all show up. I also use ODBC to dump tables in access to screen when I'm figuring out what tables to use in Crystal, and to verify report data. Try browsing the files via exact same odbc connection in access.

If I change the mapped drive letter to the server with the database tables it causes problems and I just put it back to same letter.

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Where do dll's go?

by bradleyross In reply to

I'm having an issue in that ODBC driver apparently expects the dll's for the UDF's (user defined functions) to be in a specific directory. The problem is that I can't determine what directory the system wants me to use. Some of the DLL's that are being picked up by an embedded application and by EMS SQL Manager for Firebird/Interbase are UDF\ib_udf.dll, UDF\fbudf.dll, and ib_util.dll. On my system, the dll's for the ODBC driver are IscDbc.dll, OdbcJdbc.dll, OdbcJdbcSetup.dll in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder.

It also looked like I had to enter a role in the ODBC setup in order to see some of the views, although I'm not sure if that was the change that made the difference.

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by michael_guignion In reply to

Did you ever get this resolved ? We are having same issue ?

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Regarding ODBC connection To Crystal Report

by alirez_fi In reply to ODBC connection to Crysta ...

Dear bytj,
I have read your post about ODBC connection to Crystal Reports and I desparately need your help. Iam having the same problem and I do not know how to resolve it.I would be so thankful If you could give me a hint.
Looking forward to your reply. Many thanks in advance.

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Oracle ODBC connection shows no tables in Crystal Reports

by gerhard.hazelhof In reply to Regarding ODBC connection ...

Same problem. Other applications (Access, Excel) do show tables. Crystal Reports however only shows store procedures, no tables. No solution from Crystal Reports to date. Help is very much appreciated!!

Version information:
- Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
- Windows 2003 Server
- Database 10g Client Release 2 (
- Crystal Report Professional XI (Product Version

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ODBC connection to Crystal Reports

by sbdavis99 In reply to Regarding ODBC connection ...

I am also having the same problem with the tables not showing. If anyone has the solution please post it here.

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ODBC - Possible solution

by andycoysh In reply to ODBC connection to Crysta ...

First check that your instance of CR is set to return tables from the DB.
Go to 'File' --> 'Options' --> 'Database' tab and make sure that the check box is ticked under 'Data Explorer' --> 'Tables'.
If so, what ODBC driver are you using? Have you tried others? (Microsoft, Oracle, DataDirect, etc)
Download the 'sqlcon32.exe' utility from the SAP website and try against your ODBC connection to see what is returned outside of CR by the ODBC driver.
Monitor your DB session to see what query is sent to your DB.

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Potential Solution

by mtroike In reply to ODBC connection to Crysta ...

If anyone is still experiencing problems, please check out the following paper from SAP:

There Go to page 10. There is a registry setting controlling the number of database objects fetched from the server.

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by keval300 In reply to ODBC connection to Crysta ...

Tables missing in the Crystal Reports data explorer (only stored procedures display).
How to fix:

Crystal Reports --> Menu --> File --> Options? --> Database [tab]
- uncheck Stored Procedures checkbox.
This will work.

Keval Raj

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Tables not showing in data connection

by Cayokath In reply to ODBC connection to Crysta ...


uncheck Stored Procedures
look for weird info in the "names like" box, clear it

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