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By bwaldrum ·
I have a MS Access 2003 front end linked to MS SQL Server 2005 back-end remote. Several users access the program with a Nextal PC-Card internet access. If there is little of no activity, the pc-card will close the connection. I recently noticed that when I make a change to an underlying table like 'Vendors' the subform linked to the form 'Purchase Order' will update immediately. This tells me the connection is open and current just like it would if it was a true desktop database. I have been unsuccessful with change the pc-card operation and am looking for a way to do it in the code to close and open the connection like .NET technology in C#. Any ideas would be a great help.

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like something else is going on but

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to ODBC Connections

here's very naff solution.
Put a timer in the app and run a query to get the current date or something equally inexpensive.
See if you can persuade the card not to 'drop' the connection.

If the connection is still up it should be showing on the sql server and you should see activity on it when you do the update to the underlying table. Sounds to me like the card is lying to you in some way if you've still got comms.

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by bwaldrum In reply to Sounds like something els ...

I really made this out to be a complicated solution. Should have thought of that. Did the change, and it appears to be working. Thank you for your quick response and I apoligize for the delay in getting back to you.

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