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    ODBC Connectivity from Windows Apps


    by mcrowley ·

    Our enterprise runs an application on SCO OpenServer that uses flat text files. If we ftp these files over to a PC, we can easily work with them in MS Access, etc. However, I’m trying to find a way to connect to the file directly on the server so that we can work with the live data. Is there a driver which would allow this???

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      ODBC Connectivity from Windows Apps

      by mike.batters ·

      In reply to ODBC Connectivity from Windows Apps

      SCO Produce a product call VisionWare. This product has many different elements to it whicha allow all sorts of types of access from a PC directly to a Unix server. I think the one that would be most appropriate for your requirements is called VisionFS. You install a server and client end component and the two together allow you to map drives directly to the unix box, and work with the files, just as you would on any other mapped drive (to an NT server or the like). This will then allow youto perform all the operations in access you would require, on the live files still residing on the Unix box. An evaluation copy of the software is available from SCO, and is part of the VisionWare suite. You can get a limited number of users license (possible also time limited) by registering the eval version with SCO. Hopefully this should meet you requirements.

      Hope that helps,


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