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ODBC driver problem

By bmohr ·
I have a Windows XP machine running Office 2002. I'm trying to create a mail merge with email messages...(I am trying to connect to a ISeries machine - AS400) for information to plug into the email. When I create an MS Query and tell it to select a data this case my ISeries Connection, it will display a list of files(tables from the ISeries---so it is connecting and talking to the ISeries machine) but when I double click the file to select it I get the message...ERROR IN HOST SERVER DATA STREAM....The Help tab just states that this error was returned by the driver.
When I go to a Windows 2000 machine running Office 2002 I have NO problem in getting my connection and information, but it does not work on any XP machine that I try it on.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank You

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by fadbel In reply to ODBC driver problem

You didn't specify if you had both the SP1/SP2 updates for Office 2002 and the SP1x for XP. If not, I'd heartily recommend slipstreaming those CDs.

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by bmohr In reply to ODBC driver problem

I have SP-2 For Office 2002
and Service Pack 1 For Windows XP

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by Gungnir In reply to ODBC driver problem

The telling point here is the fact it does not work on any Windows XP System. I would be willing to bet that any Windows 2000 system will work and if that is the case, you are most likely dealing with an MDAC issue. Windows XP ships with MDAC 2.7 and SP1 updates that to 2.7 SP1. An easy way to verify if it is an MDAC issue is to update the MDAC on a working Windows 2000 system to 2.7 SP1. If it is an MDAC issue, the system will no longer Work. You can then roll back the MDAC to the previous version using CC utility. The MDAC update and CC can be found at

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by Gungnir In reply to

Microsoft has CC now listed as Component Checker or MDAC utility depending on the page referencing the download

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by pacific_coast In reply to ODBC driver problem

Win Xp does not have the Jet driver installed by default.

Installing MDAC 2.5 which Windows 2000 has, should solve the problem. See the following link at Microsoft.

Jet: Starting with version 2.6, MDAC no longer contains Jet components. In other words, MDAC 2.6, 2.7, and all future MDAC releases do not contain Microsoft Jet, Microsoft Jet OLE DB Provider, or the ODBC Desktop Database Drivers. No new feature enhancements will be made to Jet. For additional information, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q271908, INFO: MDAC Version 2.6 and Later Do Not Contain Jet or Desktop ODBC Drivers

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by rrdavis07 In reply to ODBC driver problem

Thanks Marc and pacific_coast for your input. I work with Bill and I updated a W2K machine from MDAC 2.5 to MDAC 2.8. We were able to continue to pull information for the AS400 via ODBC.

While Bill is correct that all our XP machines can no longer return data from the AS400 via ODBC, I was able to pull data from the 400 using my XP up to a couple weeks ago. Something has changed, and we cannot figure out what. As Bill reported, the connected can be made, but no data can be returned.

The suggestion to roll back the MDAC version on the XP sounding like something worth trying, but we found out that ver. 2.7 is the earliest version supported on XP. Ver. 2.3 cannot be installed.


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by Gungnir In reply to ODBC driver problem

If you were able to access data up until a few weeks ago on a Windows XP Pro system, I would start looking to see if any Windows Updates have been done on that system, if system restore is turned on you can also look through the list of created restore points. Windows update will automatically create restore points and several software installs will as well. I know that there has been at least one MDAC update for XP post Service Pack 1 (MDAC version 2.7 SP1) and it has caused some existing connections to fail. You can also try updating a non working XP box to MDAC 2.8.

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