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ODBC/DSN help needed

By dave.dawsn ·
I need help badly here...the publisher of FormDocs has made it clear that I'm on my own despite repeated appeals for help.

Anyway, here is the situation:

I administer a mixed XP/7 environment. The user in question was recently upgraded from XP SP3 to Win 7 SP1 (x64). Since the upgrade, she has been unable to use a particular form using the FormDocs Filler software. The problem is, every time she tries to work with the form, she gets an ODBC error that says the DSN file is not available. (I don't have the exact text of the error right now because I'm no longer at the office, but I can provide it if needed.)

Here's the weird part: the DSN files are on user's machine - they are copied from the server to the correct directory upon login, so it isn't an issue of missing or invalid/corrupt DSN files.

Also, when I log in to her machine as myself, the form works perfectly for me. Likewise, when I use that form on my own PC, it works fine, but if I log in as this particular user, it does not work either. At first, I thought this was a permissions issue, but I've pretty much ruled that out. Plus, other users in my organization have Win 7 PCs and can still work with this form.

Finally, I tested the form using this user's login on an XP machine and everything worked properly.

The fact that her username is having issues on multiple Win 7 PCs suggests it's a Win 7-related problem, but I have no idea what that might be. The application runs off a server, so the .exe isn't even on the local machine.

Any help would be super appreciated.




I created a test user account in AD and assigned it the same permissions/groups/etc as the user having the problem, and it isn't working with that user account either. Same behavior: it runs the FormDocs Filler software without incident, but when the particular form is being used, the dropdown menu that uses an ODBC-based lookup doesn't work.

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Sounds like a 32/64 ODBC incompatibility

by Charles Bundy In reply to ODBC/DSN help needed

Check com/kb/942976 (get rid oif the space.)

This isn't directly related to your problem but it tells you where the 32 and 64 bit verisons of the ODBC managers are. Try running the 32 bit version and check the DSNs as that is what FormDocs is probably looking for.

Hope this helps!

PS: I just reread your question and noticed it is working under different user profiles. Thus I'm not certain if this will work, but I'm interested if it does!

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Reponse To Answer

by dave.dawsn In reply to Sounds like a 32/64 ODBC ...

I thought that at first as well, but I am able to use the form (the DSNs resolve fine and the drop-down list appears) from my username on my PC and hers (both x64). Thanks for the article, though...I'll definitely give it a try and hopefully I'm wrong and it works!

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Apparently you have to....

by dave.dawsn In reply to ODBC/DSN help needed

...manually map the DSN in ODBC settings in Control Panel\Administrative Tools. I don't know why, because my user account doesn't have this problem, but it worked when I did this. I WIN!

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