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    by wbarker ·

    I have an ODBC query in an Excel spreadsheet.

    It refreshes on file open.

    I would like to be able to have it refresh and save by a scheduled task. Any ideas?

    This is a spreadhseet that will be going to management weekly. They don’t have ODBC setup on their machines so I would like to disable ‘refresh on open’ and have a scheduled task to refresh before my scheduled task to email it out. Currently I just have to open the doc, save and close each week before the email-out task runs. I can’t seem to find a command prompt (Win2K) command to launch, refresh, save and close. I also tried open and close by PERL script but it doesn’t do the refresh so it’s useless to me.

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      by wbarker ·

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      by el machete ·

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      I have a similar problem where the client does not have an ODBC connection to the database resoruce. We try to implemented in different ways:

      1. We tried the solution with a perl script and with the option in Excel to refresh on opening and allowbackgroud refresh. We are still testing.

      2. We created our own scripts to open and print spread sheets remotely with no human intervension. This can be set up using the Windows Task scheduler.

      3. We used Access and ODBC connection to create a “link table” where data gets updated automatically and other people can access the data as long as they can see the Access Database.

      Finally, we are still try to implement other solutions as posting the spreadsheet on the intranet.

      I hope you can find the best solution.

      BTY. I just answered this question as I was looking for something else and since I am the “expert” on ODBC in my company I thought “Oh, well”

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