Odd connectivity problem

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Have a Dell PC (Windows XP) and Toshiba laptop (Windows XP). The PC is wired to a Linksys Wireless G router which is connected to a Westell DSL modem; the laptop is wireless.

I've been using this setup for years and whenever I have connectivity problems on the wireless laptop normally all I have to do is either unplug the modem or router or reboot the PC.

Until today, that is. Things were fine then all of a sudden I couldn't pull up any webpages on the laptop. Went downstairs noticed that I couldn't get any webpages on the PC either. Spent an hour rebooting and unplugging the router/modem on the PC but no cigar. Then spent two hours with my ISP (Verizon) technician who finally ended up trying to "create a new connection" on my PC. She wanted to "connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password" but this choice is greyed out on my PC's connection wizard.

She declared that this was the problem and that she couldn't help me any further.

I'm confused!! The internet connection on the PC was working perfectly fine this morning as well as the Wifi connection on the laptop...then all of a sudden NOT.

The only option the New Connection Wizard on my PC allows is "connect using a broadband connection that is always on". Presumably this was the only option available back when I first connected my PC to the Linksys & modem a few years back so why am I unable to create a new connection now?

(P.S. I've wired my laptop to my modem which is how I'm now online.)

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And what about the PC is it working now?

by OH Smeg In reply to Odd connectivity problem

The most likely issue here is that the ISP involved had an outage in your area initially. If you can connect through a wire on the NB you should be able to do the same thing on the PC to get an Internet connection.

Also all things being equal you should still have WiFi connection as well. Sometimes these Help Desk People are not directly involved with the Service Side of the ISP so she may have been unaware of a Service Outage in your area.


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Still no cigar...

by mysubscriptions In reply to And what about the PC is ...

Hi Col,

While I was still on the phone with the Verizon tech (and very skeptical of what she was saying was the problem) I hardwired my laptop to the modem to prove to myself there was not in fact an outage...and to my surprise I was able to get a connection through the laptop.

It's strange to me. I just now tried hooking up the line directly to my PC and it's still not working. And when I put the line back onto my laptop I had to login with my user name and password to get the line up. This is something I've never had to do before. Even when I'd powered down my PC, whenever I would turn it on again I NEVER had to login to my DSL account (although this may have something to do with having it connected to a router...??? Right now the laptop is just hardwired to the modem.)

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OK in that case then

by OH Smeg In reply to Still no cigar...

The Router should hold the DSL Accounts User Name & Password so I'm assuming that is the reason you have to log on this time the Router is not being used.

As for the Desktop not logging in check the RJ45/Network Connection and see if it's working. It could be something as simple as a Corrupt LAN Driver or similar.

But as you have a working system there at the moment you may like to reset the Router so reconnect the Modems CAT5 Cable to the Uplink Port of the Router and directly connect the NB to the Router. Open the Web Browser and enter the Routers HTTP Address and go through the Routers Setup Procedure again but first unplug the Power Cable and let it recycle just in case there has been a Power Spike which has messed it up.

I suppose it's possible that the Router has failed and when you attacked the Desktop you corrupted or messed up it's seatings, I've seen that happen previously and many times it's a case where the Attempt to fix has ruined that OS. My daughter had that happen with a new Wireless DSL connection here and instead of bringing it to me to reload and fix she insisted that the company who messed it up fix it. Didn't happen and she went without a Internet connection for 3 months. It as also far easier to reload than to fix but that was mainly because she couldn't tell me what she had done under Destructions from the ISP.

You may need to reset the Modem as well here.

I hope that is of some use here.


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Thanks for the input

by mysubscriptions In reply to OK in that case then

Hi Col,

It's getting a bit late here...think I'll close shop and pick up again tomorrow morning when I'm fresh and do what you propose.

It's odd that the Verizon person left me with a "connection" that is reminiscent to what I had to do back in the days when I had a dial-up 56k modem.

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Just as an after thought

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks for the input

Did the Help desk person get you to play with their Modem?

If they did you may have to reset it as well.

Have a good nights sleep Unfortunately I don't know what that is.


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