Odd Happenings

By philldmc ·
I came across this problem and needed some advice on where to look.

I've configured a new server for a client, a windows 2003 SR2. The client only has three workstations therefore I did not set up a domain.

The Qwest Actiontec DSL router is handeling the DHCP and DNS functions.

With that being said, when I assign a static IP to the server after about 5-8 hours the server will lose communications with the rest of the workstations in addition I can not send out a email notification via Backup Exec using the SMTP function within Backup Exec (using an external ISP for the SMTP).

However if I use a dynamic IP address assigned by the router all my problems go away. I've double and trippled check the IP address, subnet, DNS servers, etc. The problems only happen with a static IP...

Any suggestions?

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DNS config when Static

by LarryD4 In reply to Odd Happenings

When you setup the static assignemnt I assume you use an IP not in the DHCP range handed out by the switch. But what do you use for DNS and gateway when your static?

The address of the router for DNS or the external DNS for ISP?

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IP Address info

by philldmc In reply to DNS config when Static

That is correct I assign a Static IP that is outside the range of DHCP range. The DHCP range is to The static IP I'm trying to assign is with the same subnet.

The router's IP address is

Therefore I assign the primary DNS as followed by an secondary external IP address.

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the router

by demosthanese In reply to IP Address info

it could possibly be a faulty router. I had one that would drop service for no evident reason. updated the firmware, checked all the connections etc. But the only thing that would fix it was to unplug it.

Its possible that you are getting EM interference from some external source. It would be odd (you arent wireless to the server right?) but possible. The problem i was having was on a netgear router connected to a home PC, but it may be the same type of issue.

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Well it looks like your doing it right.

by LarryD4 In reply to IP Address info

But does this issue only occurs with the server?

The rest of the clients have no issues, correct?

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