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By Ron Vought ·
Our local network uses a combination of LED lasers and inkjet printers, which are shared across the network. Our OS is Windows 2K Pro. Here's the problem: each user can print locally to their personal Okidata 6e printer and have generally good results, however, when the same document is sent to an identical printer across the network to another workstation, and the document is generally "garbage." Users can send the same document to any one of the inkjet printers across the network, and the document(s) are fine. What gives? Any ideas? Is this a driver problem? If so, then shouldn't the local printout be garbage as well? Okidata does not make an updated Win2K driver for this printer and I am "stuck" with the generic driver for the OKI supplied by Windows 2K.

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Windows 2K printer errors


We are also having some strange printer errors on new machines running Windows 2K pro. We are trying to print to Xerox 440 network printers and also to HP Laserjet 4000's. The documents that are erroring out are all Word documents with protected fields. They are using standard fonts.

After the job is sent to print, it never shows up the que. It never prints.

Any idea why?

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