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    Odd Problems:Install PCI modem on Win ME


    by ai_fans2 ·

    i?ve replaced the 56K pci modem with a new one of Agere & got some odd problems on Win ME.

    Have tried:-

    -checked physical installation
    -tried it on a another pci slot
    -repeatedly remove & reinstall the modem driver
    -refer to Win ME help file & it?s troubleshooting steps

    but still:-

    -WinME cannot detect the pci modem when system start up

    -The 1st time i tried to install the new modem from CD, after select e:\WinME & hit OK button, the Windows blue scr turned up:

    An error has occurred.

    Error in address 0D: 0028: 00000003

    -when hit any key to continue, WinME seems to have problem in the pixel display for the desktop. The img around the window on the desktop could come out as normal, but img at other area just could not appear instantly. Need to move the window across the Desktop area for the stuff on Desktop to come out properly.

    -each time reinstall modem, still get the same blue scr with err occurred at the same
    physical address.

    -in Devise Manager after reinstallation, seems no conflict. But in Diagnostic, ?No response? from the modem & the err ?Port Already Open?.

    -by default, under the Port section in Device Manager, only LPT port for printer, and COM 1 for serial mouse were shown. However, the mouse actually doesn’t use the Serial COM 1

    -In the modem installation wizard, the only port that I could select for the modem is COM 1. After a few times of remove-reinstall sessions, i add 2 more ports. Then at another modem reinstall session, tried select COM 3 for the pci modem, but didn?t work.

    I don?t have the WinME cd to get Wmremove.inf. Are there any other way to remove the old modem?s entries in registry ?

    -Had uninstall the previous modem driver(driver of SmartLink) from Device Manager, but can’t remove it from the Add/Remove Program ?

    -Have updated driver from Aztech?s website, but still not work.

    Appreciate if anyone could help. Thx.


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      Reply To: Odd Problems:Install PCI modem on Win ME

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Odd Problems:Install PCI modem on Win ME

      Yes, you can remove the modem lines from the registry.

      CAUTION: the improper use of regedit can cause your PC to not boot.
      It is always best practice to backup the registry before editing.

      Start with the HKEY_Local_Machine key, and browse to the ENUM branch.
      Expand the sub-branches and find the modem lines.
      Not some of the key words, and search the registry for these words.
      Delete keys as needed.

      The last time I installed a Lucent/Agere modem, the driver had to be installed before the hardware.

      You might try the latest driver from Agere.

      I also have had a number of systems where specific “win-modems” just would not function in.
      I have had Agere, Intel/Ambient and PC-Tel based modems all not work on given motherboards. Installing a modem with one of the other chip-sets has been my fix.


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      Reply To: Odd Problems:Install PCI modem on Win ME

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to Odd Problems:Install PCI modem on Win ME

      As stated this appears to be one of those modems where you install the driver BEFORE you install the hardware.

      Due to the problems you report I think you will find that there are some resource conflicts between the video and the modem. Sometimes the software has a special find and allocate resource program that will get around these problems.

      This was an early type of problem with much of the plug and play hardware.

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