Odd search behavior with Outlook 2003

By khafner ·
This is an extremely odd behavior by Outlook 2003 that I have never seen before, nor do I have a reasonable explanation for the behavior. It is happening to a senior executive in the company so he expects this to be fixed and an explanation as soon as possible (Well you know the drill.).

Whenever he does a search for an email essage, Outlook will begin the search with emails that were received approximately 30-45 days ago and then move through the mailbox backwards to the end of the mail approximately 1 year ago. At this point the search function will query mail that was received within the last 30-45 days. This is extrely odd, the search is functioning, just in an odd manner. Of course the executive tends to look for mail he received recently and feels like he should not have to wait for his to go to the end to find recent mail (Rightly so I might add.).

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. This is utlook 2003 running in Cached mode, attached to an Exchange 2003 sp2 server. SP2 was just recently installed on the server. (Possibly around the time the search issues started but I am not sure.)

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Me too...

by jbarron In reply to Odd search behavior with ...

We are also experiencing the exact same problem that started at about the same time and just now are looking into it. Any one know the cause and if the search can be fixed?

Thanks ahead of time

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Random Search Order Results

by sam-b In reply to Odd search behavior with ...

We've experienced this issue when we migrated all mailboxes from one server to another. My theory is a full offline defrag of the information store needs to be performed. As you know, this may take a significant ammount of time, but worth it for several other good reasons. I've yet to perform this operation due to scheduling, but plan on posting my results.

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We are experiencing the same issue

by morel In reply to Random Search Order Resul ...

Have you tried the full defrag yet? If yes, what was a result, please?

Thank you.

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still a problem

by cmcglade In reply to Random Search Order Resul ...

I did the Outlook defrag and it didn't fix the find order issue. Any other ideas on what may work?

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Did you read the solution below? Have you tried it? <nt>

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to still a problem
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Same issue here: Odd Search Results OL 2003

by dodom7 In reply to Odd search behavior with ...

I work for a Help Desk and one of my callers is experiencing the same issue almost exactly to the letter as explained by khafner.

If one of you run into a solution to the issue, please let me know.


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by micah.ferrell In reply to Same issue here: Odd Sea ...

This is more of a Wordaround. See Microsoft artical id: 308608.

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Many Thanks Micah

by dodom7 In reply to Solution

Thanks for the info on the MS Article, I think that just may be our problem since the person having the issue was moved to a different server about the time the problems started.

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