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Odd Wireless Problem

By brennan_tucker ·
Until yesterday afternoon, my internet was working just fine. I am technically connected to the network but it is a local only connection, with no internet. Every other computer in the house is working properly via this connection, even my iPod works through it, it seems to be just my computer. And like I said, It was working just fine until yesterday. I am fairly certain that nothing changed on MY computer, but maybe something did. I can connect to my neighboors wireless, and get on the internet through that, but the connection is weak and drops frequently. So it is not my adapter, it is that specific connection somehow. I have tried the diagnosis check, which gives me a Primary DNS server error, something like "Could not connect to Primary DNS server" or something of the sort. I am totally at a loss. I tried turning the firewall off, I have tried a restore to when my internet was working, to see if something in fact had changed. I am running Vista Premium on a desktop. Please, answers. Please.


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