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Oddly Enough

By Jaqui ·
I just had to pass this comment on when I saw it:

ya know, ...WinCE just makes me want to wince.

the origin is unkown, the person that posted it on /. didn't leave a name.

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What is it ? ?

by dawgit In reply to Oddly Enough

Link? what did MicroSoft do with CE now? I heard that they were releasing an 'new' ver. But that doesn't make sense, weren't they pushing an XP ver for those apps?

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Holy crap.

by apotheon In reply to here

That's hideous.

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the whole point of the original post..

by Jaqui In reply to Holy crap.

WinCe makes me wince

not what they are doing / have done recently, but the play on words.

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I know.

by apotheon In reply to the whole point of the or ...

The screenshots at which you pointed us are still hideous, though.

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a re-invention of the wheel?

by dawgit In reply to here

Why does that NOT look 'New'? Did I just wake up from a 10 year nap? ?

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