OE 6 data from my old Hard Disk to my new laptop

By pp ·
- I had a laptop, with Windows xp that died but NOT its hard disk (its motherboard I was said by the repair shop);
- I acquired a new laptop, same brand but with Windows Vista already functionning;
- I'd like to know if there is any way at all to transfer my old email addresses book, at least, if not the last messages that were in my OE 6 inbox, and that I had no time to back up before the crash of my old laptop ?
- I already transfered all my other documents, easily, after I had put the hard disk of my old laptop in a case connected to a USB port of my new laptop... but if I try to open the old application Outlook Express 6 from that external drive it does not work on my new computer with Vista...
- I was thinking to use a friend's laptop that has still OE6 on it, to connect my old HD to it (as external drive), maybe I could open my old mail in it ? at least to "see" and copy the messages I miss...(?)

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NO you are going about this all wrong

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OE 6 data from my old Har ...

What you need to do is transfer the Data Straight off the Old HDD to a Temp Folder on the New HDD running Vista for Outlook Express the Data Folder can be found here.

Open the USB HDD then select Documents & Settings then on the upper Task Bar select the Tools Option and in the Drop Down Menu Folder Options then select the view tab and remove the mark beside Do Not Show Hidden Files & Folders then when this is done OK or Apply the changes and close down that sub window. Then click on your user name when that Window Opens select Local Settings then Application Data then Identities then a Alpha Numeric String then Microsoft then Outlook Express you can then copy the contents of the Outlook Express Folder to your Permanent HDD and Perform an Import into Outlook Express by clicking on File Import the IE6 E-Mail and then chose from a Storage Folder then click on browse navigate to where you stored the folder select the named folders and then just import the entire set of files.

You can do the same thing with your address book by doing the same thing but once you open your Account in the Documents & Settings you Chose the Application Data Folder then Microsoft then Address Book and copy the contents across the the HDD where you have created a Temp Folder. You can import this directly into either the Address Book or the Contacts list in Outlook Express the same way that you imported the E-Mail but instead of choosing E-Mail chose the Contacts Option and follow the prompts.

Of course this will only work if you can get the version of Vista that you have installed to allow you to view Hidden Files & Folders and if you can't you'll need a XP machine to copy out these files so you can use them again.

For any problems that you run into with Vista there is a M$ Supported Vista Community available here


Any problems that you run across list them here as M$ needs to know what second rate code that they have introduced that needs fixing and it saves you the time & money involved in ringing M$ Technical Support only to be told that this option is no longer available in the Version of Vista that you are running or that it's been removed for Security Reasons.

While you'll still get Bugger All help with your problem at least you'll not be paying for it and then be told that what you want to do is no longer possible. M$ needs to know that there is dissatisfaction with Vista Users before they will even attempt to fix the mess that they have made with a second rate over blown and over priced OS that they are attempting to force on the general community without any options.


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what about the accounts also ?

by pp In reply to NO you are going about th ...

I could transfer all my messages and contacts ! thank you very much ! only my accounts, I could not (I mean all my settings for each email address I was using in my old OE6); I have written them down somewhere I am sure, but if there is a quickest way to import them also, please let me know; I could not find these settings in my back up folder...

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I think that the fastest way

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to what about the accounts a ...

Is to ring the ISP's involved for the settings as now that the old Computer no longer exists there is no way to run the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard as you only have the one working OS.

You could have a problem with the settings and User names & Passwords for accounts like Hot Mail, Yahoo, and G Mail but the rest should be fairly easy.

If you could get this HDD into a system that could Boot it would be possible to run the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard but short of that you need the paper work for all the details of the different accounts.


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OLexp data..

by vamsichrisraj In reply to OE 6 data from my old Har ...

hey cool it sir.!!!
its simple man.
if you have the folder that contains all the .dbx files of outlook express.
You can import that olexp data directly into WINMAIL of ur new laptop.
and then ur data is saved.

open winmail in vista

1>file->import->choose import from olexp 6.0
---> then choose the directory from the old hard disk which contains the data ----> then choose the folders that you need.
and it imports the emails.

thats its..that takes of the problem.

if you have the address book in that folder that will import that as well.


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