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I was given a Toshiba A90 laptop for xmas, which looks brand new, It's running XP and OE 6. Everytime I open OE I get this error message : ntuser.dat cannot be erased/removed. This ressource is used by another
> > or program, close the programs which are susceptible to use this file
and try
> > again. If I click on close or Ok the prog opens up and works fine, just annoying really, thanks.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to OE error message


Have you tried creating a new user profile and accessing OE from that? Do you get the same error? I am wondering if there may be something wrong with your profile.

Good luck

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to OE error message

create another account on the laptop, and do the same to check if you will receive the same error messages


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by dmiles In reply to OE error message

ntuser.dat is just the default desktop settings for your computer, ie color, icons, background etc. This is a profile that is accessed when your personal profile cannot be found. Your profile is connected to your logon in user manager for domains on the server and probably looks something like djohnston.dat and can either be local or on a server. If on the server, I doubt the average user has write access. If the dat extention is changed to .man then the profile is mandatory so that you can change settings but it will change back at logon\reboot. This file is usually used so that company wide desktops can be enforced or so that each user will see their own desktop reguardless the computer they logon to. I don't think there is any way to use this to add money to your account.

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by Poettone In reply to OE error message

Ok everyone, it seems that this machine is not on a domain nor does it have domain account, GP, etc.

If this is whats going, I would suspect a corrupt identity in OE, not a user profile setting. Although the ntuser.dat is a user profile file, as stated.

I would logon to that machine as the admin (if not already and **** away the profile, by right clicking on the my computer icon and choosing the advanced tab> user profiles. Delete the profile in question, then recreate. The easiest way for you would be to use control panel>users for this.

This will also get rid of you OE profile as well allowing you to create a new one.

Good Luck Friend.

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by HELIOS In reply to

Thanks for everyones help, created a new profile and all is fine, thanks again, L.

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by HELIOS In reply to OE error message

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