OEM CD Drivers

By mking ·
I have been trying to get 64 bit Windows 7 on my Dell Precision 670 that currently has 32 bit XP. I run a Raid 5 using an Adaptec AIC-790ZW Perc 320/DC SCSI Controller, (hope I said that correctly). Yes, it is a 64 bit system.The OS Dell shipped it with was XP 64bit

Using the Windows 7 install disk I get stuck at disk drives not being found. I have tried every controller driver I could find from both the Dell website as well as Adaptec site.Still, windows doesn't see any of them as compatible and thus I cant move forward.
I tried the same with a 64 bit XP cd and got the same results.
What gets me is that I use a 32 bit OEM CD from Dell ( I dont have a 64 bit oem) and windows setup will then see my drives.What file or files live on the OEM cd that makes windows setup see my drives?
Any help or suggestions would be wonderful. thanks!

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You need to include the SCSI/RAID Drivers

by OH Smeg In reply to OEM CD Drivers

By pressing the F6 Key when the first Blue Screen Appears and wait till you are prompted and insert the Necessary Disc with the Required Drivers copied to it's Root. In XP that is a Floppy that needs to be placed in the A Drive I'm not sure what 7 wants but it should be OK to use a CD or DVD but the Drivers need to be on the Root of the Optical Disc.

The Dell Recovery Disc is a Slipstreamed Install Disc with the Drivers included. If you want to Include the RAID Drivers you need to make your own Slipstreamed Install Disc by using vLite here

Just make sure to read vLite's Directions for use here

They are written for Vista but 7 is exactly the same as 7 is only Vista developed a bit more. Think of 7 as Vista Mk 2.


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Thanks for all your replys

by mking In reply to OEM CD Drivers

Just wanted to thank all who replied. I finally found the correct driver for my card and that worked.

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That's good to hear

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks for all your reply ...

Just drop us a line with a new question if you have nay more problems.

Sorry but I've been away working and only just seen this question but as you already know you need to go tot he Adaptec Web Site to get the 64 Bit 7 Driver as Dell will not have them.


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