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OEM version Win 2000 load problems

By webtique ·
Okay, here's the problemo, I built my machine, and wanted to try Win ME. Did that, didn't like it, so formated the disc, then purchased Win 2000 and it won't load. Gets to the product ID page, and says that the product ID is invalid.

So, what has microsoft done? How do I strip whatever Micorsoft residue is left from win ME to load Win 2000.

Please give me some steps, my dos is limited. I've Fdisked the disk to death, and formated it.

Machine is a 750mhz, with 256K ram....30 gig drive....

Thanks in advance

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OEM version Win 2000 load problems

by TheChas In reply to OEM version Win 2000 load ...

If you have not tried it, run fdisk once more with the MBR switch.

fdisk /mbr

This cleans out the master boot record.

However, I don't think that you have a hardware problem.

I would start by contacting the vendor that you got your copy of W2K from.

They may have a batch of wrong CD keys.
Each new release of each version of Windows uses a different sequence of number s and letters for the CD key.
Yours may simply be a mix up of the CD and the product key between 2 different releases.

Next, is this an actual W2K CD, or a restore disk?
Many restore disks are hardware specific.

A 3rd possibility, is that you have a bootleg copy of W2K with a black listed product key.


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