Off Mode in 5 Sec

By jgn ·
Windows 2000 Server
Customer using Lackner Software
Older hardware in the server (recently replaced with a new 2003 Server)
Still using this old server for lackner app.

a few days ago users could not connect to server based lackner app on 2000 server. Server could not be pinged not alive on network - displayed DOS'esq window on monitor (Off Mode in 5 sec).

Reboot - server comes up fine but errors trying to use its static IP (IP conflict) - reboot server comes up fine and is able to use static IP as before. Server stays up and seems to run fine - UNTIL we try to do anything with the Lackner software - running lackner from a PC - causes server to go to 'OFF mode in 5 sec' - copying the Lackner folder causes server to go to 'Off mode in 5 sec'.

Web research says Video Card -- but this seems to be hard disk related or memory?

I just want to get my data off of this server onto my new server and be done. Any ideas? We are going to tape backup at the moment BUT I would rather use the data off of the disk (faster and simpler). Thanks

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