Off site backup of an SBS2000 Server with Exchange

By pysces83 ·
We have an SBS2000 server which also runs Exchange 2000.

It used to backup to an internal tape drive, but the drive failed last Christmas. We bought an External USB Hard Drive and Symantec Backup Exec v11 to back up all our data and Exchange Server.

A full backup runs every night at 8pm. The backup hard drive lives in the Server cabinate next to the server.

We're looking at ways so we can also have a backup off site in case of fire.

We have quite large amounts of data so backing up over the internet to an online store isn't possible. Plus I don't know if online backups would work for the Exchange.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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You only need to look around and you will find..

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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buy another USB HDD

by CG IT In reply to Off site backup of an SBS ...

I'd probably buy a couple more. Then you can rotate them just like tapes. Store in a secure location off site.

Tape or external HDD, both are portable thus the ability to store off site.

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Yep I have to agree with CG IT here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Off site backup of an SBS ...

Buy a few more HDD in USB Enclosures and rotate them. Move the newest Bakup Off Site and bring the Off Site Backup back when the newest one becomes available.

When everything is said & done the Data is the most important thing on the system which is also the most expensive thing to recover when something goes wrong. The few $ that you spend now to ensure solid Reliable backup's will save you thousands of $ when they are needed. They may even save your A$$ from bankruptcy as well if something really nasty happens.


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