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Off-Site backups a possibility?

By missi ·
I work for a small company (15-20 employees). Currently, our Windows based server backs up to one of three computers in our office building, about 40-50G/night. We would like to backup to a remote location, ideally. I don't know enough about it, but my personal vision for the setup is to have a machine at another location, here in the same town, that would be connected to our network, preferably not over a VPN line, but if necessary that would be alright, that we could run nightly backups to.

The guy company we hire for "tech support" says that our backups are too big to do them the way I would like to. His suggestion is that we buy three 500G external USB hard drives, and have someone switch them out and store them in the offsite location. Quite frankly, that's why we switched from our old server that used tapes. I don't want to mess with it.

Any suggestions or advice?

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There a several companies

by ajohansson In reply to Off-Site backups a possib ...

that offer online backup services. Iron Mountain is one, E-Vault is another. Moving that much data every night could get pricey though. Are you doing a full backup every night or is that the size of your differential/incremental backup? Best thing to do is decide what data the company would die without and what is less critical. Once you priortize the data, consider a cleanup project. You probably have several duplicates of files on your server.

I prefer online backups to tapes as well, but it can be a hard sell because of the recurring cost.

Good luck!

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That's why...

by missi In reply to There a several companies ...

Thanks for the reply. The recurring costs are exactly why online backups weren't even a possibility for us. That was actually my first idea when we discussed changing our procedure.

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It's all about your connection

by zerosentiment In reply to Off-Site backups a possib ...

Unless you have a good online connectivity i would not go for the site-site backup option, i think you will need a 2meg leased line to even consider this.

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by missi In reply to Off-Site backups a possib ...

Thanks for your replies & suggestions! I went through a few things and found that our backups were set up in a really lazy way (in my own opinion). So we're actually backing up a whole bunch of data that we really don't need to be backing up every night - ie. a folder on our server that contains all of the .exe files for programs, things like that which never change, and can be backed up once and stored.

So if we go back and set up the backups correctly, we'll only be backing up just less than 5G every day, which may be more reasonable as far as site-to-site backups. I thought 40-50 sounded like a lot....

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