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Off site backups

By Friscojw ·
I have a client who hates the responsibilities relating to backups. He ideally would like to back the corporate data up directly to his network at home but I know of nothing available. I am not sure about how much data will need to be backed up everyday, but it is a two-server network. My question is; what are the option he has?

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by mshavrov In reply to Off site backups

"Off-site" backup can be very pricy. Just count how much data do you have and how big is a time window you can alow for back-up. Then just perform a simply calculation, what bandwidth do you need to do this. Then multiply this value by 2 at least, since it will be not "100% efficiency", since you have "protocols and applications overhead". Then research local ISPs and Telecom companies, how much will it cost, to have required link between your office and that person's house (office). And I 100% sure your client will just give that person an access to your servers to change tapes and bring them to his home.

Good luck,

Michael Shavrov
Disaster Recovery Specialist
MCSE W2K, MCSE+I, Sun SCSA, CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, Checkpoint CSSA, Security+

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by pctech In reply to Off site backups

Provided that both sites have a high speed ISP connection and there is not a large amount of data to transfer, a VPN connection will accomplish this task quite well. We routimely backup client data, about 5 - 6 Gigs. worth, to our site. Works like a champ. Your client should be able to accomplish the same thing, after you consider connection speeds, ISP limitations, firewall obstacles, ect..

I hope this helps.

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by jake2002 In reply to Off site backups

you want to ask him some questions before you can help him

-how much down time he can take ? (a day or a week?)

-definitely how much/big data he is trying to back, because the performance and window-needed depends directly on these

inital options:

-buy a NAS server appliance big enough to hold his two servers' data, have it replicate the server a few times a day, so call snap shots

-tape, the old but dependable option for backup, no matter how technology advances, the tape backup won't go away for quite sometimes

hope this helps some

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by Friscojw In reply to Off site backups

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