Off-site exchange server

By cadyshack828 ·
I am trying to retrieve my work e-mail from home. I have set the e-mail account to (cach exchange mode) If I send a test message to my work account from a free e-mail account, the server allows me to see that message at home, but still will not allow me to view messages already in my inbox at work.. At work I can see the sent test messages, but once i send/recieve at work I can no longer view that message at home.. I am using outlook 2003 at work and trying to retrieve mail at home with microsoft exchange server..
A little nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated..!!

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Outlook cache mode

by Richdoode In reply to Off-site exchange server

By using Outlook in Exchange cache mode you are able to cache the Exchange view on your local machine so that you can see emails when you are not connected to your Exchange server. When you send an email while off the network (in cache mode) you are actually storing that email locally (assuming you do not have another account, possibly POP3, setup to do the send) and then that email sends when you connect to your Exchange network again.

Some other ways to use Exchange from home is to setup a VPN connection to your network at work or to setup POP3, IMAP or other account type on the Exchange server and set up that POP3, IMAP or other account in your Outlook. A possible alternative to this is to use Outlook Web Access.

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Sounds like ...

by Churdoo In reply to Off-site exchange server

... your work PC is configured to deliver mail to a .pst (Personal Folders). In this configuration, Outlook maintains Personal Folders in your outlook profile which is a .pst file located on the local drive or network drive, and while Outlook is running, as soon as email appears in your Exchange mailbox, it is moved to the Personal Folder, thereby removing it from your exchange mailbox, and is no longer accessible by other instances of Outlook.

To be able to view email remotely, you would have to reconfigure work Outlook to use the Exchange mailbox for email delivery and push the contents of the .pst back into your Exchange mailbox, removing the .pst from your Outlook profile.

Note: your work email policies/procedures may or may not support this configuration.

Now, with all of the email again stored in your exchange mailbox, other instances of Outlook or Outlook Web Access (OWA) would have access to all of the same mailbox data.

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