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Off-site server mirroring

By rick@travelinghelpdesk. ·
A client has a Windows 2003 AD server running MS SQL Server 2000 and an accounting app. Management wants to have a duplicate server off-site that is continuously mirrored. Typically, 8 concurrent users, maybe 20 users total doing order entry, etc. Not a huge volume of changed data, but small continuous updates.

Does anyone have any recommendations for software that would work for this over a T1? I've seen some references to DoubleTake or Legato Replistor...does anyone have direct experience with making something like this work? Pros and cons? Realistically, how much bandwidth does it take? Does the off-site server have to be hardware identical?

Any help appreciated.

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A T-1 ma be enough with replication

by hmarks In reply to Off-site server mirroring

I've used Double-Take and XOSoft's WANSync HA (my favorite in this class) to mirror SQL server over a T-1. Whether this is enough bandwidth depends on how much the sql server is being updated.

If the updates come faster than the line can handle they can journal data to disk on the source server. So you may loose 10 minutes of data in the event of a server failure.

Note that these solutions will replicate database changes that currupt the database so you'll still need to make periodic backups.

The offsite server doesn't need to be identical but does need to run the same version of SQL server.

See my articles on replication and continious data protection at

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Thanks for the tips - I don't anticipate the volume of updates being that great, it's not a high-volume data entry operation. I'll be sure to check out your articles as well.

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Small Business Server

by BFilmFan In reply to Off-site server mirroring

Note that if that is Small Business Server edition, you will not be able to have another domain controller in the domain.

Also, you may have to open a number of ports, which have security implications, to replicate the AD functionality for your end users.

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by rick@travelinghelpdesk. In reply to Small Business Server

It's not SBS, so that's not an issue. Ports would have to be opened in any case to do the replication using any third party replication tool for heartbeat monitoring, transfer, etc.

Good reminders though.

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