Off-Topic?: Carpar Tunnel Syndrom & Is It Due To The Work Enviroment?

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Hello my fellow computer Geniuses,

My question is to all of those who work as a pc tech, server tech, and cabling technician. The question here is; does anyone have carpal tunnel due to the constant lifting and constant use of hands for typing? I wanted to know if it is possible to get it from lifting, racking and stacking servers, and installing several thousands of laptops and desktops over the past 7+ years. If anyone can let me know if they had the same condition, and have you recovered from it, and were you able to return to work afterward? I am deeply concerned, and I do not wish to stop working in my field. I have a great amount of money, time, and immense passion for hat I do for a living, and to know that my career may be over is killing me. If anyone can let me know if they had, or know of anyone who has/had this condition, and if they were able to continue work after surgery, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Typing and Mousing most defiantly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Off-Topic?: Carpar Tunnel ...

Not likely from anything else though.

When I used to work at a Big Main Frame place it wasn't the Fitters who had CTS but the Techs who came in afterwards and made the thing work. The Fitters used to pull the cables install the very big Hardware bits and they never had problems like that.

The guys who came in afterwards, maybe pulled a cable or 2 but mainly worked at terminals had a lot of CTS.

I know myself when using NB's and their onboard keyboards/track pads my writs or tendons get very sore but not from anything else that I do on a daily basis at work.

As for if you'll get over it that depends on the surgeon that you go to. A new guy may not do as good a job of surgery as a much more experienced Surgeon will and most experienced Surgeons don't want to be involved in fixing others screw ups as it makes their lives harder.

But just a side note here when you have surgery you can have both hands done at the same time or do one hand at a time. From a medical prospective doesn't make any difference what you chose to do but you need to remember if you have both hands done at the same time to reduce possible Adverse Outcomes there are things that you will be unable to do for yourself.

Things like wiping your_A$$ or feeding yourself till the surgeon tells you that you can start using your hands again so it's generally better to have one hand at a time done.


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Reponse To Answer


Thanks for your input. I did in fact hear about doing one hand at a time due the the wiping issues, and feeding. I am hoping that this surgery (If Needed), will help me? I want to get back to my work as I enjoy every aspect of Technology. The only option now, is for me to go teach until I get my health under control. Thanks again for the input, I just wanted to see if anyone else hand those same issues as I am.


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