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    by petnetwork ·

    Why do we only play defense when it comes to security?

    We should have weapons and go after these criminals. All we ever do is dodge bullets it seems to me.

    Once I took what was thrown at me and pieced it together and threw it back, it worked so well I got a visit from the USAF. He would only say his name was Don and I had one chance to turn it all over which I did of course. It did however stop the attacks. Isn’t it time some of you smart people get together and weaponize security? This is my first post. I just read what the educated people and trained have to say. I was selling dog shampoo at the time and got lucky. Most of you know what you’re doing. Let’s stop these attacks.
    Fight Back!

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      by birdmantd ·

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      How to you propose that we fight back without stooping to their level? Remember to not post links to this forum or they will be deleted.

      This thread sounds like a silly rant that makes little sense. Thread closed.

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