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Office 03 product key missing

By nomadu571 ·
Since my laptop going wrong, i have had to re-install office, ecept i have lost the cd case, and hence the cd key. I found what i thought was it, but it turned out to be invalid. Is there a key anyone would be able to give me, to get office back online? Or do ihave to contact microsoft directly?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Office 03 product key mis ...

Firstly you should have read the case it tells you not to loose it as it has the product key on it and you may need it.

Now depending on where you live and the type of Office Install Cd's that you have you may have a bit of a problem. If they are OEM Cd's technically MS doesn't have to support them in most parts of the world but if you have a retail copy you can Ring MS and then you'll need to read the Code off the inner ring of the CD/s and within 7 to 10 days they will e-mail you a replacement Product Key.

If you have a copy of Office that came on one of the major makers of computers like HP, Dell, Gateway and the like you'll need to contact them for a replacement key if you didn't format up the HDD when you reloaded it's possible that you have a copy already installed and you'll be able to read the key with a utility called Magic Jelly Bean Key Finder available at

But if you wiped or reformatted the HDD that will be useless to you and even if you didn't reformat it may not pickup the product Key for Office but it's worth a try.

Anyway once you get a Key SAVE IT Somewhere Safe Where you can find it easily! As no matter what they are a pain to replace.


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by statykserver In reply to Office 03 product key mis ...

Here is another one that will give you a report that you can save to a file which contains alot of information in it but more importantly it has the product keys for windows, office, etc. etc.
See screenshot here
Program found here

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by Craig321 In reply to Office 03 product key mis ...

try this article, it works.

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by ketangala05 In reply to Office 03 product key mis ...

i have the product key of 03 so if u want u email me

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ms office 2003

by dixiedee1953 In reply to

i know this is replying to an old post but i am desperate. i saw on here that you offered the key code for ms office 2003 if they emailed you. i am hoping you will do the same for me. if you do i thank you so much. i have a lot of letters written with ms office but i did a recovery and because of that i lost the key code. i cannot open these letters anymore and one of them is not really a letter but a copy of my family tree. please help.
thank you so much,
delores skeen

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MS 2003 Product key

by leewykes1 In reply to

I would also be interested as I have just got a new machine and have lost my discs during a house move. Using a trial of 2007 at present and not impressed to be honest.


Lee Wykes

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