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Office 2000 after ugrading to XP

By Thin White Duke ·
I recently upgraded a networked workstation from Windows 98 to XP Pro using the winnt32.exe file. After completing the upgrade successfully i logged on as an administrator to the network. Then i began testing the functionality of software previously installed on that machine. When i opened Word 2000 a box appeared asking for the product key then stated that the application functions i was trying to use were unavailable - please insert the disk. This a did and word worked without any problems for administrator. Then i logged on as a domain user. I received an office error message at log on that the application must be install before i can use it. However i still receive errors for domain users when i reinstall office from the same source cd. Any suggestions please.

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by DKlippert In reply to Office 2000 after ugradin ...

See if this helps:
Installing Office on Windows Me, Windows 95, or Windows 98 with and Without Profiles

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by Thin White Duke In reply to

Yeah really great. The problem is if you read the question properly i have already upgraded to Windows XP.

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by baz_shaw In reply to Office 2000 after ugradin ...

I've had this problem myself, and without getting into the esoterics of "why" I can tell you how to get around it.

You have to grant your user(s) temporarily admin status on the workstation - then login as them, insert the disk and open up each of the Office 2000 programs in turn, including Outlook if you use it. You only have to do this once for each user, and it will load the neceassary files from the disk. Don't forget to demote your users once you are done.

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by Thin White Duke In reply to

This solution would be fine for a handful of users but this particular machine would have a potential 100+ users. Thanks for trying though.

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by pgm554 In reply to Office 2000 after ugradin ...

You might not like this, but if you think you got problems now, wait until you see all the issues you will run into down the line when upgrading from W98 to XP/Pro(times 100).Do a complete new install and use an imaging program of some sorts to distribute. (Ghost, Power Quest).

I have been to the "Official" XP upgrade classes from M$.YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO INPLACE UPGRADES. M$ says this is not a good idea (DLL ****, non supported programs, MSI issues).
Build corporate images based upon the hardware and user profiles and use RIS to distribute if you are using W2K Server or above.
I have been there and done that. (500 to 9000 workstations at a time)To run in place upgrades is a very bad idea.

M$ has whitepapers on how to do this.

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