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Office 2000 CD key

By rmhughes0711 ·
OK, I really messed up this time. I uninstalled Office 200 on my laptop and then went to reinstall it. I have the original Microsoft install cd but apparently the cd key I have doesn't work. Therefore, I have a laptop with no software and a factory CD with no way of installing it. Any suggestions. I thought I remember way back yonder of a generic key. Does that sound familiar? If you want to e-mail me directly, my address is Thanks!!

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by jschein In reply to Office 2000 CD key

How about you just post your key...


This is not a warez site, hacker site or anything of the sort. Please read the forum rules here as nobody will give you a "CD-Key" or generic of the type.

If you have such a legitamite copy of the program, all you would have to do is spend 2 minutes on the phone with Micro$oft or an e-mail to them with your VALID key (That you purchased) and they will give you a new key and send you the proper paperwork if need be.

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by rmhughes0711 In reply to

If you will re-read my question, you will notice I did not ask for a key. I asked for suggestions on solving my problem. I thought problem solving WAS the intent of this forum. Being told to "read the rules" is somewhat insulting. Perhaps if you read the questions more carefully, you can avoid falsely accusing people.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Office 2000 CD key

You should always mention the OS, even though it may be insgnificant. (someone else telling you what to do, no just good advice.)

If the key worked once, then there must be something else wrong?

First I would make sure that you had completely removed Office by looking in the Registry.

If you are using a different drive letter for your CDROM than originally (D instead of E for example)and/or a different CD version, your registry only wants your original install information. Or it is also possible you have damaged your Windows Installer, download a fresh copy from M$.

Office Installs are such a drag!

Hope this helps.


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by rmhughes0711 In reply to

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by wlbowers In reply to Office 2000 CD key

Contact microsoft tech support. Tell them your cd will
not install and give them your key. for a few bucks they
will replace it with one that will.

Oh yea it can't be a generic key like your asked for in
your post.


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by rmhughes0711 In reply to

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by rmhughes0711 In reply to Office 2000 CD key

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