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Office 2000 Errors on Windows XP

By mharri ·
I have a couple of computers that have Office 2000 loaded onto them. I have seen a number of errors being reported. Typically individuals are getting error messages and asking them to send the error to Microsoft.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office. I have even run the Eraser2K program from Microsoft, which is suppose to remove hidden registry keys, but that has not had any affect even after reinstalling the application entirely. Has anyone run into this and if so, does anyone know of a fix to this problem. It seems like there are more incompatibility issues with Windows XP and MS Office 2000 then Microsoft knows. I appreciate any feedback or ideas.


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by Ann777 In reply to Office 2000 Errors on Win ...

There's not a whole lot of info here to go by.

Typically these "xxx has encountered a problem" etc. cryptic errors are caused by corrupted data files.

Are your users encountering these errors receiving these data files via e-mail? Or are they created originally on the computer producing the error? Are the data files modified in other versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Access?

Are these computers connected to the Internet?Have you run all the security patches for WinXP on these machines? Are they running an Anti-Virus checker with up-to-date virus definitions?

Can you recreate the error on demand? Can you place the data file on another computer and recreate the exact same sequence and recreate the error? If the exact same thing happens with the same file on other computers, then the file has gotten corrupted. If not, then something is going on the the program or OS.

The answers to those questions may help you narrow down possible culprits.

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by joe In reply to Office 2000 Errors on Win ...

There's another post here that discusses this. We've found that the "Excel has encountered a problem.." error will follow the user's i.d., and so is not an issue with their machine. Microsoft's knowledge base recommends deleting and recreating the user's profile, which has worked for us a few times, but not in a recent instance. None of the service packs or hotfixes resolved it, either.

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