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Office 2000 on Windows peer network

By curlisu ·
In my nine years here, our company network has grown from seven people, zero PCs to thirteen people, six PCs. By default, I'm the IT support, the network administrator, etc., because I have the most hands-on experience.
When we bought PC#3, we linked them with a coax cable Win95 peer network. After #5, we upgraded to cat5 cable and put in a small hub. Some of us use Win98, and we are still a peer-to-peer network.
We are using Office 97 and Office 2000, but without a central server, there aremany Outlook functions (sharing a Contact list, scheduling meetings, etc.) we are unable to use or don't know how.
I'm wondering if we can designate one of the peers as a server and gain the use of these Outlook functions. I would like to hear someone else's thoughts on this.
Thank you.

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by dan.klemann In reply to Office 2000 on Windows pe ...

I may be wrong but I believe you will need to turn one of the machines into an Exchange server. This will allow contact list and scheduling ....we use an exchange server for that today, but it is expensive and the Exchange server is capable of much more, email etc.

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Tell me more--

by curlisu In reply to Outlook

Dan, I admit I have a lot to learn here, so please forgive my ignorance. Are you saying an Exchange server is something different from an exchange server?
And can I change one machine on my peer network to an Exchange server without converting froma peer network to a server-based network? If so, how do I do this? Is it a software purchase and installation, or are we talking new hardware and/or wiring as well?
Where can I learn what I need to know? I really hate to ask anyone who is in a sales position, because I fear they will find that my "nail" fits their particular "hammer."
Many thanks!

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