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    Office 2000Tool Bar keeps disappearing


    by mbertel ·

    I recently had someone try to install Office 2000 on a PC. The problem was with the tool bar. Office 2000 would sucessfully install, however the tool bar would not stay on and a message would appear indicating “put several items on the the tool bar in order to stay on”. When ever several items were put on the tool bar, the tool bar would still go away. The PC is a Dell Optiplex series and the OS is Win95. I appreciate any help in this matter. Thank you Markus R Bertel

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      This belongs under Office 2000!

      by donq ·

      In reply to Office 2000Tool Bar keeps disappearing

      The whole premice of TechRepublic is to HELP our fellow programmers, administratore, engineers, or whatever sharing KNOWLEDGE for POINTS.

      Points to resolve problems are awarded under an appropriate Technical Q&A category – where this belongs. Asking for help with a technical problem here is a cheap shot at technical theft (or maybe that’s why you have a “no-name” e-mail address?)!

      That being said – right click on your toolbar and disable the “Hide after use” option (or whatever the wording is).

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        by bobby gillette ·

        In reply to This belongs under Office 2000!

        Its not all about getting points, its about helping people. If the only reason you’re here is to get points then you seriously need to consider just how helpful you really are…and nice solution you gave him, he’s asking about the Office2k toolbar not the TASKbar… 😉


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          by mbertel ·

          In reply to Points?

          bgillett I appreciate the comment that you made. I did not join this guild for points. I joined this guild to receive help with problems that I don’t have answers to and hopefully someone else will assist. I know I have helped other on past discussions.
          Take care

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          Shortcut bar problem

          by rgomaa ·

          In reply to Confidence

          i tried to install office2k several times i never got this problem so it is not common ,
          so first try reinstall office 2000 ,
          waiting for your reply

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