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Office 2002 stops repsonding

By Julied ·
I have a user on network with 2000 server, workstaion is brand new and runs XP Pro with Office 2002. Problem is that word, excel, powerpoint frequently hang and then deliver message "%application% has encountered an error and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." It then lets user send a report which user has done dozens of times. No viruses, all current SP's and critical updates. If she copies files to local drive it's better for a little while and then the same. It is also sometimes better just after a reboot but gets worse as the day moves on. Happens if she tries to open file, save, edit, save as. Also happens whether she opens file through windows explorer or through application File|open. Also does it just opening the app before even trying to open a file. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2002. No other versions of office were ever on this machine. MS once responded saying that a patch was available through MS update and running this did help for a few hours but then it was hanging and crashing again. All network drive mappings are good. No problems with Outlook or accessing outlook .pst file on network drive. Please help.

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by jordanspcrepair In reply to Office 2002 stops repsond ...

are you sure that you have the latest office service pack on there? cause sounds to me like there is a unpatched problem. make sure you go to and scan for office updates.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Office 2002 stops repsond ...

Firstly I agree that it sounds very much like a un-patched system but if you removed Office did you do a Registry Clan after the removal and before the reinstall?

It's possible that there is something in the Registry that is causing the problem or maybe even some Cross linked files that are also contributing to the problem.

As you haven't said any differently I'm supposing that this is confined to just Office and not other applications. If it is you could have a Hardware Problem which is causing the problem to constantly appear.

Have you tried opening the Task Manager to see just how much of the CPU, Page File & Memory are being used?

It's possible that the Application is running out of Memory either the Physical Type or Virtual Type if these applications are being opened and closed constantly as Windows isn't well known for releasing Memory. Particularly if you have a set size Page File it's possible that it is reaching close to 100% usage and causing this problem to occur.


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by Julied In reply to Office 2002 stops repsond ...

I'm positive all the patches are installed. Didn't do a registry clean between uninstall and reinstall. Should I use a utility for that? Can't get to task manager when it hangs, it won't do anything but it is running double the memory of the old machine she used. Yes, it seems that only Office is affected. She also uses File Maker Pro without any problems and there are some pretty big databases she accesses.

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