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Office 2003 1304 error writing to file

By razz2 ·
A client has an Hp box with XP home and with a pre-installed
demo of Student Teacher Office 2003. Bought the software and
activated it. Worked great for 2 months and the launching
Outlook started the office install as though it was a launched
from a new user profile. Then an Error 1304 appears that says -

"Error writing to file c:\program files\microsoft office\office
11\outlctl.dll. Verify that you have acces to that directory."

Inserted the CD for the first time ever and tried a repair and
reinstall with the same error. Found nothing in searching except
CD Drive settings and bad media. These really should not be
options as the media was never used until trying to repair the
error and the system is brand new HP settings. I removed a few
spy/ad ware apps including the new about:blank version of
CoolWebSearch. and all is fine now except the office. I UN-
INSTALLED Office 2003 completely and left the Microsoft Office
dir, the Office 11 dir, and that one lone file behind. Odd. So I
deleted the Microsoft Office dir and it's contents. Did a fresh
Install and .....SAME ERROR.

Any help would be great as I now have a client with no Office

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by jaswinder_baryah In reply to Office 2003 1304 error wr ...


Try to add the user that you are logging with in the administrators group , log off , login and see if outlok functions fine.

Hope this is helpful.


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by razz2 In reply to

The user is an administrator on XP Home. It is the owner acct.

Thanks for the thoughts though.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Office 2003 1304 error wr ...

sounds like a bug or a virus to me. Have you check the security and permissions on that left behind folder/file?
have you installed latest sp's and updates for your version of office?
have you checked for this error at

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by razz2 In reply to

It has been cleaned of all spyware, adware, and virus'. All of the latest
patches for office and XP were installed at the time of original setup
about two months ago and Windows update has been updating
windows since.

The user is an admin and all permissions seem fine. I will be digging
deeper later today I hope or tomorrow.

The only references I have found were CD cache mis-configured (not
the issue here) or bad media. I am starting to lean towards the media.
You know how office does a small config install for each profile? Well,
that is what it started doing. It asked for the CD and then gave the
error. I ran a Scandisk including a sector scan last night and will find
out the result later. Most my clients use XP Pro in a business but this is
a home pc from a neighbor that just called becuase he knew what I

Thanks much for the time and if you guys have any other ideas...I'm
open to all. I will post any new findings.


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by razz2 In reply to Office 2003 1304 error wr ...

Well, what an interesting day. I spent an hour on the phone with MS. I tested the media on another workstation and it was fine. Microsoft said they had one other record of this and they could not find a solution. After an hour of manually making sure that NO TRACE of the previous install was left behind it still failed. Copying the CD to to the HDD and running setup resulting in the same error. MS says that series 1300 errors are 'almost' always media. But the CD works fine. Their comment that in the other call, they had to recommend reinstalling the drive. I will if needed but so far refuse to be beat by this. I am still accepting all ideas.

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by razz2 In reply to Office 2003 1304 error wr ...

Here is the latest for anyone interested. NTFS permissions were
fine. Everything failed and as microsoft suggested I restored the
workstation. No ideas on why this happened. i am closing this
question but if anyone finds it and has an idea email. I would
love to figure this out.


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by razz2 In reply to Office 2003 1304 error wr ...

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