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Office 2003

By qpeabody ·
Hello all,

I'm coming here to share my problem hoping you all will be able to help me, like you have in the past. We are running XP Pro SP2 w/ Office 2003 SP1. The office install is done using an MST file and configured using the OPS file, both created via the resource kit. In our setup of office, a local source directory is created, thereby allowing for adding and removing features, and office updates without being prompted for the CD or mapped drive. The HD is partition with C: (OS and program files) and (user personal ). The problem I am having is Office is not updating. Updates have failed from WSUS and manually. In researching the issue, I came across this MS Article 903776. The gist of the article is, since partition stores the local source directory, and is bigger, that's where it's looking to copy the update files. You will see it's suggested resolution is to disable the local source using LisTool and a switch on every computer. This will have to be done everytime updates are needed. As you can see, administratively this will become a BIG headache. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Office 2003

what a huge, classic MS gotcha. Thank you for your post. i do not believe you will have to run this for every update unless you cannot abide having a 'hidden' local (and secret, apparently) office installation folder.
having said that, if in your shoes, i'd be looking at alternatives to WSUS to update office. are you able to manually add/remove office features from an affected workstation now?
also, i'd be setting up a lab workstation with office deployed same way as others and practice options with the listool thingy.
i bet you can get free MS help with this one. you did so good following their instructions. this is not your fault for sure.
how many pc's? you can fix with batch file and/or login script betcha...

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by qpeabody In reply to Office 2003

I actually have a couple of workstations setup in my lab now for testing. Thanks. I will try contacting MS about this issue

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by qpeabody In reply to Office 2003

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