Office 2003 access denied for my docs?

By clarkd038 ·
Good Day,
I have a client who recently just upgraded 3 PC's to windows 7 from XP. They use folder redirection for my docs and desktop which is working well. I can access/modify files in the redirected folders successfully.
The issue however is when I try to save a document from an Office application when you click the My Documents on the left hand side it states "Access Denied".
I am able to from that same save screen scroll down to the mapped network drive locate their My Docs and save it there. Looking for some guidance.


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The complex dance of Microsoft Office file access

by robo_dev In reply to Office 2003 access denied ...

Office has three files that do this weird shuffle, the document itself, the auto-recover file, and the temp file.

Typically the temp file and the auto-recover file are in the same folder, which is configurable within the app, as is the folder where documents get saved.

When opening or closing a document, the temp file gets created or destroyed, and there is some interaction that goes something like: the app copies the temp file to the auto-recover file, then renames the file to the file name....or something like that.

The short answer is check to see where the app is saving temp and auto-save files, and make sure they exist and the user has correct permissions to those folders.

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