Office 2003 Admin install/modify after a standard CD based install?

By ZoSoSwiM ·
I have recently discovered the administrative network install of the office 2003 suite. Currently I have office installed in my master image for my workstations and I did it by using the CD..

When I go to use my administrative install on the network now it asks me to locate the install files. If I manually specify the server location MaintWiz will work. If I don't the system rolls back and nothing happens.

I want my administrative install to reinstall over the old CD based install so in the future I don't need to worry about the CD media. I also want to be able to make the install and modifications available through Zenworks and Group policy.

Does anyone have any ideas how to change the install path for the Maintwiz files to work?

If I uninstall office and use the admin install after it works fine.. but thats a lot of steps for my users. I want it to be simple for them..

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You may be able

by Jacky Howe In reply to Office 2003 Admin install ...
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by scott_heath In reply to Office 2003 Admin install ...

Check out the key:

There is an InstallPath value whose data you may be able to change to the network administrative install.

Also try:

Check out value SmartSourceDir


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by ZoSoSwiM In reply to Registry

Tried both but no good.. It's easiest to just uninstall office and then reinstall. Doesn't even need a reboot. So now If I could somehow automate the uninstall and immediately restart the reinstall afterwards I would be all set!

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by scott_heath In reply to Hmm

I use VBScript. I wrote a VBScript that removes SQL Server 2000 MSDE and installs SQL Server 2008 Express along with a bunch of other stuff. I use WMI and the Win32_Product class to uninstall the old version. Then you can use a custom install for Office 2007 to do a silent install. I haven't had to deploy Office 2007 so I don't know how to use the ORK for 2007. 2003 was really easy though.


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