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    Office 2003 Bug


    by jmarino ·

    Since my staff and I have updated our users with office 2003 there has been two main issues. First issue we have is there are two users sharing a folder. They also need to read each other word documents which they are able to do, but every time they go to open each others document they get the following error. Unable to read this document. It maybe corrupt

    If the user opens it in winword she does not get the error. Can you please let me know how my staff and I can fix this error.

    The second error which several users are experiencing is very strange. The users open up their word document and go to print the document in landscape. They are able to print the document properly the first time but when they open up a file in word and go to print from landscape it shifts everything to the right as seen below. The way they have been fixing it is exiting word and opening word to print the document in landscape. This is not the answer im looking for since the users print out several landscape documents a day. Users report that they do not have a problem in portrait only in landscape, but the users need to print most of their documents in landscape.

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