Office 2003 Hangs while editing, Word or Excel being the slowest

By fat.cancer ·
While i am opening new Word or Excel is Ok But MS Office 2003 hangs while in use. Everything is slow, Excel specifically as clients edit cells it will take up to 15 seconds to jump to the next cell. Opening attachments from Outlook, cache mode is enabled.

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Is this on a stand alone machine or a networked computer?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Office 2003 Hangs while e ...

If on a network what type of Network is involved?

If the files are hosted locally have you scanned for infections of both the Viral & Mal Ware Type?

Has this had Defrag run recently on the HDD/s?

If it's on a Network where is this unit getting the files & Software from?


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Office 2003 Hangs - Excel and Word

by abalgobin In reply to Office 2003 Hangs while e ...

We have been experiencing the same hangs up in Office 2003 with serveral users. The software is installed locally and it doesnt matter if the file is on the network or a newly created file, it sometimes takes a few minutes to simply bold a few words. I have tried increasing the RAM from 512MB to 1.25GB but not too much of a difference noticed with Office. We defraged, did MS Updates, ran cleaners, etc. Any Help would be appreciated.

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Something to do with DDE

by cyberpir8 In reply to Office 2003 Hangs - Excel ...

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) seems to be the culprit. I was having trouble opening hyperlinks from Outlook -- Outlook would ask what executable I want to use (because I'm using Firefox, not IE) and then it would take anywhere from 30 sec to 1 min to open the browser. I went into Explorer->Tools->Folder Options->File Types... and edited the file type "URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol" to NOT use DDE. After that, the behavior was exactly as it should have been.

Unfortunately, when I try the same thing with file extension DOC, MS Word fails to open files correctly when double-clicking them in Explorer and I have to re-register Word (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\WINWORD.exe /r). Now that's annoying!

I am having trouble finding the answer to this most frustrating issue.

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by Fred123456 In reply to Office 2003 Hangs while e ...

We had that problem when we migrated from 2000 to 2003 server. But it was the fact that we didn't prioritize the port on the switch and didn't crank up the port itself to 1 Gigabit.

We host all of our office stuff, clipart, help, tutorials, user files, and shared files on the server.

If its a network hosted Office install, then you may want to look at the port settings and the number of users using the shares.

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excel and word hang

by dale In reply to Office 2003 Hangs while e ...

Hi- I had this probelm and fixed it by uninstalling Oki printer drivers- they were the original ones from the Oki site- then installed other drivers from elsewhere and it was fixed.

Uninstall your printer drivers?

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