Office 2003 Licensing with Terminal Server 2003

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Hi Guys/Gals,

This is sort of urgent O.o

I'm busy with a TS setup which is pretty much easy to do with the exception of the Office 2003 License issue on a TS.

Current Setup:

All users (7 of them) connect to a MS SBS 2003 server for general use (Files, Email, SQL etc...). Each desktop has Office 2003 Pro OEM installed. Roaming profiles (which we don't like).

New Setup will be:

1 MS SBS2003 Prem Server and 1 MS Server TS2003. 7 Existing Desktops who will connect to the TS via RDC.

How do I go about with the licensing (I have done some research but I am still confused).

Do I:

A) Install 1 copy of Office 2003 Pro Retail on the TS and have the 7 desktops (With Office OEM) connect to the TS (Will this work)?


B) Install Office 2003 Pro Volume License (with 7 licenses) on the TS?


C) Another option which is cheaper?

I need to keep the cost down as much as possible!

I appreciate any help I can get :)



P.S Let me know if you require any extra info.

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God when it comes to M$ Licensing

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Office 2003 Licensing wit ...

You are walking through a minefield with the wrong map as they keep changing the rules as you take every step.

The current Best idea is to ring them and ask them what they are doing this week regarding Licensing. But make the decision Then & There as if you ring back in 20 minutes to order you'll be told something completely different.

Been there done that and it's not a pretty sight.


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Thanks HAL

by In reply to God when it comes to M$ L ...

I think that is the best idea, I did learn that we cannot use OEM for TS which hurts a little in the pocket.

Once again Thanks for the info



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While you can not use OEM M$ is likely to sell you

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks HAL

A Volume License copy which should do what you need but weather it's loaded locally or on the server depends on what M$ is offering this week and who you get to speak to at the time.

Volume License is cheaper than OEM but at the same time you only get 1 install CD and the right to install it onto however many machines you have bought licenses for or onto 1 Server and then allow the same number of people as the Licenses that you buy to use it. The only thing to remember with Volume License is that they have a minimum of 5 Site Licenses but no upper limit.

I've used Office both ways and honestly it just depends on who you strike at M$ as to what type of deal they will put together for you.


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