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Office 2003 Not recognizing .msg files

By VonK ·
My User has XP Pro and Office 2k3 Pro (fully updated). When attempting to open an attached .msg file from within Outlook (i.e. open a host Email, then open the attached message from there), the system doesn't recognize the file type. However, if you save it to disk then open it, the system recognizes it and opens it through Outlook.

I've verified the system is virus-free, deleted the user's mail profile and recreated it, ran the repair, uninstalled/reinstalled Outlook, and even uninstalled Office altogether, shut down system (for five minutes), repowered the system, reinstalled Office, fully updated it, and recreated the profile: same result.

However, this ONLY occcurs with this one user's profile. I've logged onto his system with my account, and was able to read attached messages right there from Outlook; no saving required. And yes, Windows does have the association between .msg and Outlook - I checked.

I'm going to **** away his Windows profile tomorrow morning and recreate that to see if it's the issue, although I don't expect it to have any impact. Has anyone else run across anything similar to this, and if so, how'd you get around it?

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Weird One

by BFilmFan In reply to Office 2003 Not recognizi ...

I've never run into that one. Please be sure to post the answer once you resolve it, so that the knowledge will increase.

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Try rebuilding Outlook profile

by Aakash Shah In reply to Weird One

As BFilmFan said, this is a weird one. However, try this:

Before you delete the entire user profile, simply try deleting this user's Outlook profile and then re-build it. I suspect it won't help, but it's worth a shot.

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Known issue with latest Google Desktop

by wjcampagna In reply to Weird One

This is a known issue with the latest version of Google Desktop (5.5.0709.30344). Google has duplicated this issue and is working on a fix for the next release:

If you have this version installed, uninstall it and install version 5.1 at and the issue should be resolved.

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by jeff In reply to Known issue with latest G ...

That fixed my problem, thanks for the help

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Thanks for the info

by decx01 In reply to Known issue with latest G ...

The Google-Desktop advice seemed to do the trick in this case. Thanx 4 the info.

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Office 2003 Not recognizing .msg files

by cwise In reply to Office 2003 Not recognizi ...

Check and see if this problem occurs with ANY other users. If it does not, then delete the users profile and create a new profile for the user but save the uses desktop, favorites,shortcuts, etc to a folder on the server so you can copy them back versus re-creating them again. I have done this to some of my more "problem child" users and it works 98% of the time.

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Check these 3 REG entries

by Roger T. Imai In reply to Office 2003 Not recognizi ...

Below are three Registry entries. The first (FileExts.msg.reg) is a user-specific setting, and seems to set the OpenWith association for .MSG. Replace the CLSID string with YOUR user's CLSID, of course!

The second two are Local_Machine, and you might try merging them if the User setting doesn't fix the msg attachment recognition problem. If you want to merge the settings, copy the lines between the dotted-line demarcations to three separate .REG files (filenames above.) Oh, yeah, you might need to join broken long lines if they don't survive in the post. Then merge the entries one at a time. You may need to restart Windows XP to activate the new settings, or at least restart Outlook 2003. Good luck.

; FileExts.msg.reg
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




; Outlook.MsgAttach.reg
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Outlook Message Attachment"


; ProgID.reg
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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by VonK In reply to Office 2003 Not recognizi ...

I tried rebuilding the Outlook profile, and it didn't change anything. For some reason, killing his whole Windows profile and recreating it solved the problem. His old profile is still there (I just moved it), so I'm going to run some tests with the registry to see if it was the keys in his user hive that were causing the problems. Just can't figure it out!

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Safe Mode

by pyro3113 In reply to Office 2003 Not recognizi ...

Close Outlook completely. Then, while holding the Control key open Outlook again. Click Yes when prompted to open Outlook in Safe Mode. Then close Outlook and open again normally.

I've only encountered this problem once and this worked for me. Hopefully if you encounter it again this can help.

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Safe Mode...GREAT fix

by help In reply to Safe Mode

I had the same issue with .msg attachments and the Safe Mode fix worked like a charm.

Thanks for sharing!

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