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    Office 2003 template problems


    by bodan3 ·

    I have an installation of Office 2003 (ver. 11).
    When i try to use an old template (frequently used by all users) and it says that i have the wrong office version
    (Office 2003 ver.11.4920.4920), if i open the same template on a machine with Office XP or 2000 i dont have any problems.
    Anyone that knows why i get this problem in the latest Office release, BETA release i would add.
    ANY suggestions is welcome.

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      Reply To: Office 2003 template problems

      by chrisj007 ·

      In reply to Office 2003 template problems

      Office 2003 Betta is not a full shell version of office and many functions will not work. I have gone to another computer with full versions of office to run some functions.wait for the full version October 21, 2003

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