Office 2003 Updater fails

By johnm ·
The admin before me made some 'Quirky' settings on some of the older systems here and I've run into some issues. The big one is I cannot get any Office software to update. It downloads then fails to update. I've checked permissions on the C drive (only hard drive) and checked areas in the registry where you can deny Office updates. Nothing. This person was 'unconventional' in their approach. We are at a public library so our public machines are locked down. But nothing this person did before me makes any sense and I can't find any documentation (or logic for that matter)

Anyone have any ideas what could cause Office to not update? Windows updates fine. Just Office is the issue.

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by CompHelpNJ In reply to Office 2003 Updater fails

Are you sure the office software has a legal and activated license? It might be failing the updates when MS attempts to authenticate the license. I'd be concerned about that considering that your predecessor was "uncoventional".

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Its Legal. I am not worried about that.

by johnm In reply to Legal?

I work for the government. We have licensed everything.

The guy before me would go in and tweak the registry of all the public computers and set security permissions on directories and applications. I have been able to undo most of what he did, but the computers that are still under warranty that he worked on, those ones I cannot get Office to update. I thought maybe someone would know of a few places in the registry that might stop this.

These will probably be replaced in the next 6 months, but still I hate to see public computers (we also have wireless access) with vulnerable software running.


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I would try.....

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Office 2003 Updater fails

doing an office reinstall on one machine and test the updater.If it works then implement on a larger scale.

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You are right, this might be the only solution ...

by johnm In reply to I would try.....

Thanks for the reply. That might end up being the fix. A time consuming one (we are not very well setup for computer management - but we are working on it!)

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