Office 2003 Word Template Issues

By viperiii ·
I have a wonderful user who thinks they are a power user when they are really just a good software user... well how about have used software for years? Office and Word Perfect and are now self proclaimed experts?!?

Admittedly they know more about formatting word docs and excel than I can remember so they are above me on these things however there are issues that I still have with them creating macros and other goodies in documents that are causing this particular problem for me...

DOT Files by the dozens are opened with word by default. Open one document and all of a sudden on that machine and you have a rash of these dot files being opened. I had forgotten about it until I was poking around open files and saw them again...

here is a cropped link of what I'm talking about.. this is about 50% of the list!!!


Non of the others have this problem... but again this user is famous for macros / other tweaks that could be the root. It could be a machine office install issue but I think it still happened with another clean install machine as well. The current machine has memory errors and I was able to get the memory replaced and that got rid of all the errors that she did have. but now it seems that every file is getting a .dot extension along with its .doc extension...


shows the directory listing of where the dots are located... there are also all the docs that are there and the Temp files of the open Dot files... arg??

What is going on?!? What has this user done? Can I make her take another vacation?...LOL

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Just a thought

by Dee101 In reply to Office 2003 Word Template ...

I feel your pain. This has happened with a number of my client sites on several versions of Office ... and it was most common when a self-proclaimed superuser created a macro. I can't guarantee it here, but I found that applying (or re-applying) the service packs generally stopped the behaviour.

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