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    Office 2007


    by rlalseta ·

    Hello all,

    I am facing a problem in regards to Microsoft excel 2007.

    I have opened my old document which were saved on excel 2003,but had a problem with the bars and columns.

    The previous version showed the value March which corresponds to a bar where as the new version 2007 shows the same bar as February on the same document?

    I have also installed the compatibility pack but when view in 2003 it has no problems and still causes problems in 2007

    Is there a solution for this.

    Secondly is Microsoft word 2007 is giving me issues in bullets and numbering,the format which it produces is incorrect.

    If anyone has faced this issue and have solved can you please post it.

    Thanks alot

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      by rlalseta ·

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      YEP it’s 2007 not being fully backward compatible with previous versions

      by oh smeg ·

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      The Compatibility Pack is for the older versions of Office not the new one and is used to read new documents on the old versions. You will loose some formatting when you convert.

      If you need to continue using the old files use Open Office which is free from here

      Or you can look at the office Web Site here for a Work Around but you’ll see that this isn’t directly addressed by M$ on the Office 2007 Solution Page

      If you new computer has a Trial Version of 2007 remove it and install the older version that way you will be able to lodge electronic documents with others so they can actually read them.


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