Office 2007

By wesley.chin ·
What percentage of the world is using it and savng in the 2007 format? I am thinking of putting software on the machines here to read 2007, but first I need to consider if doing so is worth it. Opinions?

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by IC-IT In reply to Office 2007

It is nice to be able to view any office documents that are received, BUT.
It seems that some macros (Excel 2003, likely others) won't run when the compat pack is installed.
I forget if you are working in an educational unit or a business environment.
If educational, then talk with the faculty dept chairs to determine if the older office suites are being taught or all 2007. If old suites then, consider installing the pack on a limited number of open use (computer labs) systems and nothing in the office classrooms.

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Depends on what you are doing

by OH Smeg In reply to Office 2007

If you are not currently getting any requests for this I wouldn't bother deploying it.

If you are getting requests you will need to do some Testing to see if this pack has any adverse effects on your standard Software Load or Hardware Devices being used.

As for the adoption of Office 2007 it depends on who you ask. M$ will insist that most are using 2007 but they will use the fact that they give away a 60 Day Trial on all new computers to justify this statement. Business People will insist that No One is using Office 2007 as they will not install it as there are compatibility problems with older Office versions.


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Reading 2007 docs

by 2rs In reply to Office 2007

My org is running Server 2003, Exhange 2003, Windows XP SP2,& Offcie 2003. About a year ago, my users were getting Office 2007 WORD docs from their clients, so I installed the compatability fix and we haven't had a problem since I ensure that their machines are updated regularly. It would seem a waste of $ to #1, buy the upgrade & #2, spend a heckuvalota of time applying the upgrades. PLUS, Office 2007 looks & functions significantly differently than 2003 - big learning curve for some users. Unfortunately, my boss got hold of a new laptop with Office 2007 & loved the Outlook features so much that he is making me upgrade his desktop........Reading the Microsoft H&S docs has convinced me that I need to run checkdisk & defrag immediately prior to installing 2007. Good luck!

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Office 2007

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Office 2007

Install Microsoft Compatibilty Pack for 2007 Office System which is free to download and also a small download.

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