Office 2007 Free Upgrading

By ben.rattigan ·
Does anyone know exactly what the criteria is to qualify for the FREE upgrade to MS Office 2007 from 2003. I have seen articles stating it's only available for full retail boxed or OEM, and some resellers are stating the same whilst others say it's available on volume licences as well.

I telephoned Microsoft UK today to ask them the question and told them I was purchasing a 50 user MOLP for Office 2003 Professional and would I be entitled to a free upgrade. I was told that if I bought before March 2007 I would be. The guy did sound very unsure though so can anyone clarify Microsofts position.

I have tried searching the Microsoft website and can find nothing about free upgrades to office 2007.

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I can understand why the Person at M$ sounded unsure

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Office 2007 Free Upgradin ...

Currently there is no set release data for Office 2007 so M$ are not sure what they are doing with it at the moment.

What they have done is tell some bulk builders that they can have a free upgrade to 2007 from 2003 and use this as a Selling Feature to attract new buyers.

If this helps I'm attending the product launch of 2007 and Vista tonight so I'll ask there and see what if anything they have to say.

Of course if you are running a 50 Site License with XP and Office with Software Assurance there wouldn't be a problem as M$ would just pass on the upgrade when it becomes available.


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Office 2007

by ben.rattigan In reply to I can understand why the ...


I thought I would phone MS again just to make sure. I don't have SA at the moment so after they tried to insist that SA was the best option I finally got out of them that I could buy 2007 licences when they become available and roll it back and install 2003 for now. Office is a good product (if a little expensive) but I really wouldn't want to give users 2007 just yet.

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OK I've just got back from tonights MS Meeting

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Office 2007

It was all about Office 12 or as some call it 2007 and Vista. As from the 16 October 2006 to the 15 March 2007 they have a procedure in place to replace copies of 2003 Office with the equivalent in 2007 which in the US & AU is called Office Technology Key but as of the moment there is no listing of this on M$ US Web Site and there is a postage & Handling payment involved. Currently that amount is debatable so I'll not even pass on any of the 3 different figures mentioned tonight.

If you are only looking at Office 2007 SA probably isn't a good idea as it locks you into a 3 year contract with MS that by the looks of things will offer you little to no benefit.

These are the words of every presenter tonight not mine as I personally don't believe them for a minute but according to M$ they are capturing the Glory Days again and the release of Vista and Office 2007 will be greater then the release of Windows 95. You can expect to see a massive advertising blitz over the new M$ Products and I would imagine lots of nice Mag Publications on just how much better Vista & Office are over the previous offerings.

Now for the punch line as OEM System Builders we are expected to load a copy of Office onto every computer and it will depending on a product Key that the end user buys activate the different versions of Office or leave it as a 60 Day Trial Period where the customer can buy a License but they need to order any recovery Media so we will effectively be selling OEM Product without recovery media something that has been a big no no since the 98 days. We can hand then a pretty License with the Product Key on it but that's all. When I looked at one of these Certificates I realised that I could program an Image Runner Photocopier to produce them and fold them exactly he same way so there is no high security in place there though every copy of Office will have it's own version of WGA attached to it and it's mandatory to use just like WGA is for XP. By March this will be locked in and you will be unable to get any updates or Templates unless your software passes the testing procedure.

Currently M$ is claiming that 30% of all their Software is currently Pirated so they are locking down on this and making it harder to pirate. I don't know about you but if my previous experiences are anything to go by that means that it's going to be much harder to prove that you have got what you say you have and the Reg Edits required to change Product Keys are likely to do far more damage than just reloading the computer from scratch though they do have an unproved Rescue Console which may make things better though as they only had the RC1 version available here they couldn't show us any of these new beaut things.


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