Office 2007 mailmerge won't work right!

By ctctct ·
I had my system up and running - basically a sysem to log orders placed.In it - an order can have up to 6 items on it, this is then exported
to word to give an order sheet. to make another part of the system
work i have to have 0 in some fields as a default value - as such when
you export an order for say 3 items the order sheet looks rubbish as
it has 0's on it. as a workaround i created 6 copies of the sheet and
made the fields show a white font on the last item, the last 2 etc so
only actual items show with no 0's. i then added 6 command buttons to
my orders form in access, for print 1 item order, print 2 item order
etc. this then loads the order sheet.

in access 2003 this worked fine and on clicking the button i got a
parameter box (i have a parameter query which asks which order to print) asking for the order id that you wish to merge. this no
longer appears when i use my buttons, i just get the first record in
the order sheet. however if i browse to the order sheet and open it
from windows it works as before. any ideas how to get the system
working as it was before?

secondly is there a way to lookup the order number from the form and
automatically enter it in the parameter box? i.e. make it merge the
current record as opposed to asking which order to merge

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