Office 2007 will not run after installation

By weigm ·
I have a user who has a Dell pc that came preinstalled with Microsoft Office 2003. She started having problems with the 2007 Compatibility pack where it would not open the 2007 Office files. I decided to purchase a license for Office 2007 from Microsoft. I purchased a 2010 Office Standard license and downloaded the 2007 Standard ISO. In the meantime, I tried uninstalling the Compatibility pack and reinstalling it with no luck. I then tried to to a repair on the Office 2003 installation. At that point I started getting an error saying the Office 2003 was not installed for the current user and it said I needed to install it for that user.

During the course of the time I was trying to get this resolved, the user tells me that another person in the office had a problem with Office 2003 and needed to repair their installation. They couldn't locate their Office 2003 CD right away, so they used her CD. I suspect that when I used her CD to repair her install, Microsoft determined that another pc was using the same CD, so it wouldn't let me in. I decided to wait and install the 2007 program. I have installed it now and when we click on any of the Office 2007 programs, nothing happens. They never load. I have tried to uninstall Office 2003 and 2007 and delete all the directories in Program Files associated with Office. Then I reinstalled Office 2007, but still nothing will come up. Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can get Office 2007 running on this pc?

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This might be worth a try

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Office 2007 will not run ...

Windows Installer Cleanup utility (MSICUU2.exe)

Ot's depreatceted but you can still download it from MS.

Also we had some success with RevoUninstaller.

The problems we ran into were essentially down to msi resgistry keys getting well stuffed up.

Got themn all working eventually.

Process explorer's regsitry monitor (watched where the installer went in the registry). If it's broken you get a successful key read, then failures, removing the key it read successfully (good old regedit) sorted out those the the MS tool and revo didn't fix.

Best of luck..

Regedit is of course the last option you should try.

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MSICUU2.exe gave internal error 2908

by weigm In reply to This might be worth a try

I previously did go to Microsoft's site and had it clean up the installation of Office 2003. When I tried to run your first recommendation, I got the error 2908. I also ran RevoUninstaller, but it didn't show any Office products installed. I tried to Use Process explorer, but maybe I wasn't looking at it correctly, too much extraneous information was coming up while the installation was going on. Any tips on what do with Process Explorer or other ideas? Thanks!

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Where you turrn on registry monitoring

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to MSICUU2.exe gave internal ...

there's filter option for which application to track, could be a bit painful if it's MSIexec...

Got to be getting to that point with windosws, where you say f**k it and wipe the machine and start again I should think.

Sometimes it gets so bollixed up there's no other sensible option, though it will go down like a lead baloon with the user(s).

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