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    Office 365 Tenant Issue


    by jodyneville ·


    Can anyone managing an Office 365 tenant tell me if they’ve seen a problem similar to this recently.

    Multiple users in my tenant, including myself, are being redirected to login to a tenant of a different institution when trying to access email while already logged in to MS services. In my case, I was logged into the O365 portal, clicked on the ellipses in the top left hand corner and selected outlook, only to be redirected to the tenant of an institution that is nothing to do with us. For my users, it occured when the clicked on an email link on our sharepoint online portal (so they were also already logged in or else they wouldn’t have been able to access the link.

    I’m also aware of a separate institution where I have friends experiencing the same problem with multiple users. All in the in the same time frame – over approx the last 2 weeks.

    I’ve raised the issue with microsoft and they tried to fob me off by telling me to clear cache and use a different browser – which works – but I’ve told them I want to know how this happened in the first place, and they’re not being forthcoming.

    I wonder can anyone else tell me if they’ve experienced the same issue.

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      No, I don’t manage such. But.

      by rproffitt ·

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      But I’ve been to Redmond for OEM/ODM and other reasons and my story is they rarely if ever look into “how this happened”.

      You may not like my advice here but if you fixed it, then I don’t expect any further analysis UNLESS there is a security or exploit issue. Save yourself here. Move on because software almost everywhere is buggy.

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